snapshot: edinburgh

DSC_0247We thoroughly enjoyed Edinburgh (catch up on details) and could easily have extended our stay. Someday, when it’s a bit less congested, we’ll go back. The Royal Mile was hopping with street artists and merchants and tourists in town for the Royal Military Tattoo at the castle, Fringe Festival or the international Music Festival, any of which would be reason enough to visit. Continue reading snapshot: edinburgh

retread#35: northern scotland

IMG_7962Our 35th anniversary itinerary last summer included two ports of call in Scotland. Kudos to the Hubs for thinking that through. Scotland has been high on my bucket list for a long time — most especially the Highlands — so I was super excited about Inverness. No offense to lovely and historic Edinburgh or incredible Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo  or any of the amazing adventures this trip … but if I had to choose a single day to replicate, this would be it.

I’m quite sure our Scottish guide had some misgivings and if so, no doubt about me. I wouldn’t blame him! I contacted Danny in December, a full 8 months before we would travel. Over-eager, just? I prefer to think of myself as ultra-organized. ;=) Ours was a tenuous connection, to say the least. My cousin Sally’s husband Steve’s best mate Rod’s daughter Marcie’s pal, Danny, worked in tourism. Or something, it wasn’t quite clear. Rod, a native and resident Scot, assured by email that Danny was our guy. But, I wondered, would he go for it?

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