sadie nadine

20140317-195300.jpg On February 22, the sweetest wee grandgirl came into our lives: Sadie Nadine. She is an exquisite gift, a joy; so small she feels like a whisper still. Perhaps that is mostly because we have become accustomed to the boys in her life — big brother Oliver and cousin Henry. Size notwithstanding, she immediately made her way into our hearts. When I look at her I see precious, personified.

She arrived more quickly but no more easily than her brother did a year ago January. We knew she was on her way yet somehow we were surprised to learn that she was here. I could hear her crying when her daddy called with the good news. My brain could hardly register that it was a newborn’s cry. But I’ve hardly heard her cry since; she seems so content. What a blessing, contentment!

20140317-200442.jpg 20140317-200456.jpg

I love the feel of her satin-soft hair on my neck, the sound of her sweet sighs and squeaks, the shape of her itty bitty baby feet. I can’t wait to hold her again, soon. The hardest thing about having grandbabes is being away from them, I think. Even though they live nearby, my heart aches for missing them. But if that is the hardest thing, then there is nothing, ever, to complain about.

I am so grateful for our sweet new grandgirl. Sadie makes three grandbabes to miss in some way nearly every day. She is named after her mama’s Grandma Nadine, who would have adored this baby and her big brother immensely. How blessed we are that Great-Grandmas Betty and Alice can share their love with this SweetPea.

~ René Morley