my story

Years ago, when I was juggling the responsibilities of three small “chids” and dairy farm life and college classes a popular musician made an indelible mark on my perspective. She said,

“Life is bittersweet. No matter how good or bad it is right now, it’s going to soon change.” (Amy Grant)

Sure enough, she was right.

I’ve come to think of my life as a series of seasons, thus the theme for this blog. There is a natural ebb and flow over time ~ of new and old, of coming and going, of learning and growing ~ that I deeply appreciate. Sometimes it is painful, the goings too soon or the learning too late. The older I grow the more acutely I am aware that this moment of this season is all that I have. I must make it count.

I am fortunate to have enjoyed decades of raising a family (now three independent adults; married, chids of their own!) with my husband (of 35 years and counting) while building a career — education and technology, writing and consulting (c.f. NorthCountrySolutions.US) — in this lovely place (of four distinct seasons). We’ve faced our share of significant challenges, some of which are stories just begging to be told. Sometimes I wondered if we’d make it. Seriously. But I wouldn’t trade a minute of this journey now.

We’re well into yet another season as our family has expanded in the past few years to include six grands! Becoming “GiGi” to Oliver Lloyd, Henry James, Sadie Nadine, Rose Elizabeth, Anna Beatrice and Lydia Mae is proving to be the sweetest season of my life.

I love to travel and relish opportunities for adventure, immersed in another culture. I prefer to travel with a partner — the Hubs is the best! I am inspired to think differently every time I leave home. Yet I’m always delighted to return.

Through it all, I strive to live a reflective life. In the grand scheme of things, I know that my life is like a vapor and will be gone in a puff. Now, that’s a sobering thought and reality check!

It’s also the reason I write. A slow, reflective writing process suits me. I extract meaning from my life by sorting out what I think, what I really want to say about what I have learned in my small corner of the world. Ideas — like richly roasted and freshly ground coffee beans — are all the better for time to percolate. My blog is my coffee pot. Thanks for stopping by for a cup of the flavor of the week.

Here’s to great joy in this journey, season by season, moment by moment — yours and mine.

~ Sondra*

All photographs and written materials copyrighted by Sondra R. Smith unless noted otherwise. *From February 2012- May 2018 I published here under “René Morley.” Older posts still carry that signature. In May 2018, I linked this site to NorthCountrySeasons.US, my writing and consulting business. 

[Updated May 16, 2018]

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