young scientists

IMG_6185This week three of our grands participated in their first science fair. I’m so proud of them!

Henry and Oliver are in the same pre-kindergarten class; Sadie is one year younger. It’s so gratifying to see them embrace  learning. I love that they enjoy STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) so much already.

They all love crafty projects and look forward to Kiwi Crate deliveries. Henry and Ollie both seem destined to be engineers or builders of some sort. Ollie assemble puzzles like nobody’s business. Henry enjoys building projects with his dad. They create intricate Lego structures reading a diagram faster than either GiGi or Pops!

IMG_0738Sadie is a like a sponge for knowledge. I was amazed by how clearly she distinguished among cloud types, thanks to an educational daycare program. She is so engaged and stimulates interesting conversation. Her cloud knowledge provided inspiration for their science fair project.

I was eager to get in on the action. It was basic preparation on my part and they seemed to enjoy the challenge. Each took seriously their weather reporter role at an assigned time of day for two weeks, recording temperature, cloud conditions, and other observations on a simple chart. They created a cloud key  to help identify clouds (the spinner device shown at lower left in top photo). That plus something like the graphics shown below are about all you need to replicate the project.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.07.02 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.07.12 PM

I checked out a few preschool resources on weather in the local library to supplement learning. At the end of two weeks, they tallied results and drew conclusions. They are so young that they are still learning to write letters and numbers, yet delivered impressive results! They identified patterns in cloud cover related to rain activity and in temperatures rising and falling from morning to night. They gained awareness of proportion or ratio, as in “most days were warm.” That’s saying a lot for a four or five year old.

They loved working with the cloud key.  It’s a cool way to read the horizon. Henry has decided that cumulus are his favorites because it probably won’t storm and he probably will play outside. :=) Most importantly, they had fun and gained confidence in doing science. W00t!

I was only sorry that Sadie missed out on the science fair — next year, when she is also in school. On that day, Henry and Oliver wore stickers acknowledging their scientific prowess. The entire preschool visited the science fair so they were able to share their project with their peers.  As you can tell by the photo at top, they thought this was pretty cool, too!

~ Sondra

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