retread#35: liverpool

_IMG_8143We expected Liverpool to be the low point of our itinerary. No offense to the Beatles or Liverpool itself, in fact. But after Amsterdam, the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh and looking ahead to Northern Ireland, Dublin, County Cork and Bruges, Liverpool was a bit of a lull. I just can’t help but wonder if the cruise company gets a kickback on this port of call.

The redeeming factor for Liverpool was meeting up with nephew, Mat, who traveled in by train from Wales. Dr. Mat researches tiny organisms and other things I don’t begin to understand but I don’t hold that against him. He is great company! ;=)

Albert Dock served as a fabulous place to meet, eat lunch, and enjoy the ambiance of the waterfront. A regatta was underway so the marina was flush with racing boats, adding to the excitement. As an added bonus, there were lots of little shops.

But before we could get to that next delicious meat pie, we had to suffer through a Beatles tour. I’m happy to say the Hubs booked this one and he can have all the credit! Actually, it wasn’t all that bad. It’s just that Liverpool is kind of light on bragging rights.  The Fab4 Taxi Tour is the #1 tour, according to TripAdvisor. No fault, no foul for the Hubs. Just be forewarned you may learn more than you ever wanted to know about the boys and their kin.

Our tour guide and driver was full to the brim of backstories and eager to share nitty-gritty details about a range of characters with some connection to the Beatles. We traveled backstreets and alleys to see the front door of otherwise mundane places once frequented or local establishments popping up in their music. Props to the Hubs for going along with a posing exercise, mimicking a young Beatles boy in front his family home — not that he had much choice, mind you. Just imagine if you lived there and observed a steady stream of similar poses each and every day, eh? I like the Beatles well enough but this all became tiring quite quickly. Fortunately we had a lunch date and were able to cut it a short!

Well, there you have it. Liverpool. Home of the Beatles and the lambbanana. Yes, this is a thing. Not as big as the Beatles but it’s early, yet. If I had to do it all over again I’d have been certain to find the superlambbanana!

~ René Morley

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