happy birthday anna bea

On the last Saturday of October we celebrated Anna Beatrice, the cherub who turned one year old mid-week. Her party was the bookend on an amazing first year. Anna Bea’s family and extended family, including cousins/second-cousins, aunts/uncles, grandparents and greats all gathered to celebrate this sweet-as-honey girly-girl. The cousins donned costume in dress rehearsal for a big night of trick-or-treating just ahead.


I cannot imagine our family without Anna Beasy. She always offers a bright smile, her beautiful blue eyes twinkling. She quickly settled in with brother Henry, mama, daddy and black cat, Bear Grylls in their new home — along with GiGi and Pops. We were one big happy family for several months. In April, our new house was livable and we parted in peace! Whew

That was eight months after launching a grand adventure in multigenerational habitation, selling / purchasing one home and building another (a.k.a the big dig); mama on maternity leave or working (either way with little sleep), GiGi working from home office, daddy on shift work and Pops working the farm … plus a newborn baby girl and a rambunctious two-year old boy. And a cat. That cat! Mixed, shaken or stirred, it could have been a recipe for conflict but instead it was pretty sweet. Whew! We did it. They did it!

Anna was blessed to meet her Great-Grandma Betty when she was only a few days old, a mere 87 years between them. G’ma nestled wee Anna under wing, true to form as grandmother hen. Anna didn’t have long with G’ma, to our great sadness, but she has been blessed by loving attention from the greatest generation, as Great-Grandma Alice and Great-Great-Aunt Beatrice so much enjoy her company.

img_3915I’m thankful Every. Single. Day. that all of our sweet grands live within a few miles. Anna Bea and her brother Henry are only a short walk across our yard, through a hole in the cedar split-rail (extracted from an ancient fence in our woodlot) lined with clumps of white birch and lilacs (birches transplanted from the back forty and lilacs from the Walker estate many years ago), and past the (brand new) shed where Anna’s daddy and brother build honey bee hives.

Yesterday I was sitting on my back porch, working on children’s church craft projects when a movement caught my eye. Near the periphery of our property, wee Anna was toddling around, bundled up for fall. Her daddy stood nearby, swooped in and scooped her up, put her down, and stepped back to watch as she turned again toward the rail fence. It was a beautiful fall day; I didn’t think much about it at the time. Later, her mama explained the scene: as soon as daddy set her down, Anna Bea made a beeline for GiGi and Pop’s house! At one year old, she already knows how we love her so and apparently also where to find us. Quite amazing, eh?

Life is sweet. Sweeter. Sweetness complete. Happy birthday, Anna Bea!

~ René Morley

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