my sunshines

IMG_4184Hidey-ho from the No Co! It’s been awhile, eh? I’ve been feeling rather guilty to have let go of my discipline for writing these past months. But always, eventually, I return. So, hello, again!

I love to chronicle the comings and goings and doings in our small corner of the world — which would all be quite mundane if not for five precious cherubs otherwise known as My Sunshines. Each melts my heart and lights me up from the inside out. The oldest is 3.5 years and the youngest approaching 9 months. Such joy they bring. All five together are like a barrel of monkeys let loose at the zoo! That’s about as exciting as it gets in the No Co. :=)

So, I know that we have some catching up to do…


We moved in April! The new house is everything we hoped for and more. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite features, personal design elements and a few hard-won bargains with you. The contractor moved on a couple weeks ago and we are turning our attention to the outside. I’m thrilled that the Hubs agreed that we could plant another big patch of wildflowers! I ordered several pounds from the Vermont Wildflower Farm before he could change his mind. (BOGO, no less. That makes me very happy.)  My grand plan for a straw bale garden, however, has been deferred a year. ;=)

I’ve had flurry of work travel late this spring which has been a bit wearying. But I was blessed and refreshed by a visit with one sister last weekend and looking forward to an Independence Day get-away with another sister this weekend. Then a dear friend and her husband will visit from New Hampshire. We are in for some serious celebrating of an amazing milestone in her life. I can’t wait to reconnect.

The Hubs and I are planning a mini-getaway in late July. We’ve set our target as Kingston, Ontario and environs. We’ve not visited that area in a long time so if you have any tips, please pass them along. We’re interested in wandering around Gananoque and Wolfe Island. Only recently I learned about Prince Edward County, which looks fantabulous if we have time to venture that far afield.

Oh, and did I mention that we’re launching a children’s church program this summer? I’m looking forward to that adventure with every hope that our precious grandchids will benefit. It’s a life-long gift to learn early of our heavenly father’s great love for us. As hard as it is for me to get my head around, I know that his capacity to love and care for My Sunshines is greater even than GiGi’s!

~ Rene Morley


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