pumpkins and pigtails

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

IMG_2328  IMG_2334

Have you ever seen a little boy more proud of his home-grown pumpkin? He could barely contain himself!

I am proud Oliver is learning and growing into a sweet little boy. I’m slightly sad this is happening so fast. I love taking Ollie to church with me. He plays quietly in the seat beside me throughout the service, content just to be with GiGi. Then we come home to play and have lunch with Henry. Listening in on their little boy conversations as they “shubble” sand or “milt” cows in their play barn is pure joy.

IMG_2321 IMG_2322

Have you ever seen a little girl with cuter pigtails? Sadie is warm and sweet and smells like summer.

She can’t get enough of the swing. Her command, upon settling in, is, “High!” Sometimes swaying in the sunshine is just too much, so she slumbers a bit. Sadie generally loves pushing herself to the very edge — on a table top, sofa cushion, ottoman, or anywhere she can find a perch. And just when I am sure she has pushed too far, she is sure to fall, she will hurt herself! … she giggles and falls back to safety. I wonder what her future holds, so confident and daring!

Sweetness, these wee ones. Please, don’t grow too quickly.

~ René Morley

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