pick me up


Last Saturday, Rosie’s daddy dropped her off early, on his way to work. GiGi was blessed with several hours of Rosie-time.

He and Rosie had enjoyed quality time together all week long while her mama was on a business trip. How things have changed! I’m so pleased this generation of farmers can take the time they need to take as daddies. I’m so proud of our eldest for the way he attends to his little lass. They clearly adore each other.

I believe Rosie is the most adaptable child I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  Our visits may be spaced a couple weeks or more apart, but you’d never know it by the way she settles in and makes herself at home with GiGi.

She is tiny but determined and always surprises me, in one way or another. This visit, it was her sign language. At various times, I think she was signing for milk, for all done, maybe also for more? But I really don’t understand sign language very well. I could tell she was missing her mama this visit as well. She wasn’t the least bit fussy or whiney but she did take every opportunity while we played outside to plop down in my lap — just a quick little connection before she was off to play again.

She loved the swing, the slide — lots of giggles — the playhouse, and the water table, sans water. But a couple hours later, when she caught sight of her aunt Michelle with cousin, Henry, she was all in. The younger the mother figure, the better, apparently. And there was the one sign anyone could interpret: Pick me up!

~ René Morley

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