hens’ new house

IMG_1269A week into our two-family residential adventure and the most common question I hear is, “How’s it going?” I’m not too surprised but still pleased to say, “Very well, thank you.”

I wasn’t the least bit worried about who would cook or clean or where we would store our stuff or how we would share the space. The big question for me was how two year old grandboy Henry would do with these unusual living arrangements.

This young lad doesn’t particularly like change. He has and will experience a lot of it within a few weeks. Hens was transitioned from crib to big boy bed a few weeks ago. Then he moved to a new house and new bedroom, freshly painted light blue. He shares his new house with Mama, Dada, and his kitty, the fearless Bear Grylls, … and GiGi and Pops. He will start nursery school next week. He will have a new baby sister the end of October. Good grief! His parents are learning quickly the art of change management.

The first day or two he was here he was a little bit touchy. Maybe it was a couple new teeth to go along with everything else. Or maybe he was just out of sorts. Either way, I certainly can’t blame him. But in the past few days he seems to have transitioned — much more effortlessly than I imagined — into New Normal. It’s a joy to watch him go about his little boy business. Every day I find another reason to smile.

GiGi: “Hens, I’ll miss you today. Have a good time with Mama and Dada. <big smooch> GiGi is going to work.”
Hens: “O-tay, GiGi stay here Hens new house.”
GiGi: “Thank you for sharing your new house with me, Hens!”

Last night I lit a fire in the fire pit to burn some old financial papers. I didn’t do a very good job of it. The Hubs is the fire builder extraordinaire but he wasn’t home to manage the situation. (There’s nothing he can’t ignite … given a bit of kerosene.) Smoke was billowing and fragments of paper were swirling. It’s been so dry that I panicked and ran for the garden hose, spraying down the small tree adjacent to the house, just in case. The day had been flush with the late-summer heavy heat. Hens enjoyed running through the arc of the water. Before long he was soaking wet and giggling. And before I knew it, he’d nabbed the hose to spray GiGi and Mama!

Dusk turned to dark and Mama took Hens inside for bed. I stood by the fire a long time to be sure the papers burned and nothing else went up in flames. The  windows upstairs were open and I could hear Henry’s small voice. It makes my heart so happy to hear little feet and voices upstairs. Then I heard his Mama singing. Then Henry playing his ukulele. Eventually, things got quiet as he settled down to sleep … in Hens’ new house.

~ Rene Morley

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