sticky-sweet and rosie

DSC_0475This week there is no reprieve from the heat and humidity, morning to noon to night. It is oppressive. It’s tempting to complain, home air conditioning being a luxury in our northern region. But I am secretly glad for a solid week of sticky sweet and mushy heat. Like melted butter on sweetcorn or toasted marshmallows on s’mores: at least we know we had summer.

Soon enough, temps will drop sharply after midnight, dew will lay heavily on the grass and a chill will hang in the morning air. I’ve already heard a couple flocks of geese flying over. We know autumn is not far away. Today I will savor summer.

IMG_2152  IMG_4060  IMG_5052

This summer has been full to the brim with sticky sweet memories — farms and playgrounds, birthdays and weddings, mountains and valleys, visiting with dear friends and family, farm-fresh produce and patio barbecues. Oh, how the grandchids love their sweetcorn! Henry really goes for s’mores, too. (That’s his special “smile for the camera” face above. 🙂

The most perfect day of all was in celebration of Rose Elizabeth: her first birthday and Jewish naming ceremony. In deference to her parents’ preferences, I did not publish my typical “grandgirl is here!” post in early August last year when she was born. But today I cannot resist telling you a little bit more about Rosie.

DSC_0364 DSC_0477

Rose is a joy. She is so capable, confident and eager to take on new challenges — surprisingly so, for such a tiny little toddler. Her naming ceremony and first birthday party were precious reminders of the importance of traditions in faith and in family. Generations of parents, aunts, uncles and cousins of both Jewish and Christian faith joined in to celebrate this precious cherub.

This was my first experience with the ceremony, which was just lovely. It was a special and unexpected honor to pray a blessing over Rosie as her GiGi and Pops on that day.

We rejoice ! A child is being brought into the covenant of the Jewish people   May she be blessed in her every act.  May she find light and happiness in each new day and may she bring joy to her parents with each new experience.
May your life be filled with unconditional love.  May you always know that your family cherishes you and values you not only for your achievements, but because you are a unique and beautiful human being whose love we are privileged to share.
Gift of God, precious child, miracle, my little one.  Lay your head on my shoulder.  It seems that it was yesterday that I held your daddy in my arms just this way.  You are a sweet blessing to me, a tiny messenger of joy.  Welcome to this magnificent life.  
May God grace you with all things that are good and shield you from all harm.  May the bonds of our family be your strength.  
May our love be your comfort.  
May our faith sustain you.  
May God be with you now and always.

I’ll treasure this sweet memory forever.

~ René Morley

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