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IMG_1677-1A couple of weeks ago we received the good news that a third grandgirl is on her way! We couldn’t be more pleased. Sweet Baby sister will join big brother Henry, cousins Oliver, Sadie and Rosie as the North Country baby boom continues!

Each of our grandchids brings such joy. They are unique in their personalities and yet clearly convey something of their common family heritage — in the shape of a chin or brow, an expression or inclination. I can’t get enough!

Sadie seems destined for dance or gymnastics, inclined for the arts, like her mama? She will step up on anything that provides the slightest lift to twirl; even better if she can sing along to Let it Go as she spins. She is a thrill seeker — giggling when I push her in the swing, higher and higher, whee-ee! We listen quietly for birds while she swings and she giggles again when we hear their calls. She amazes me with attention to details, like the whereabouts of her brother “Oyyie” at any given moment or the precise location of fig and oat cereal bars in GiGi’s kitchen cabinets. The other day she insisted on playing farm with GiGi and I was reminded how much she is her daddy’s girl!

IMG_1682.JPG  IMG_1769.JPG

Ollie reminds me often of his mama in personality but when I watch him going about his little boy farm business, he reminds me so much of his daddy! His relationship with sister Sadie is as sweet and protective as can be and brings to mind precious memories of our own at that age. Although he has become more reluctant to snug-hug with GiGi upon request ;( … the other day he sent home with Pops a bright pink zinnia picked ‘specially for GiGi. It had the priceless fingerprints of a two year old, missing a few petals. Sweetness.

IMG_1706.JPG  IMG_1702  IMG_1705

Henry has the mind of a young mechanic, reminding me of his great-grandpa Dave. He loves to sing and play music, like his daddy. He is already practicing on the harmonica! He insists GiGi sing along on the Snuggle Puppy song, for which Pops discovered the motions that Henry insists we adults perform. He knows I will play it on an endless loop in the car (for short rides, anyway) just because he loves it and I love him. He is very much a farm boy, which thrills us to no end, and lives for his weekly appointment to feed cows with Pops. Of course! His mama certainly kept up with the boys on the farm.

Rosie is as busy and curious and independent as can be. She is the best combination of her mama and daddy, mirroring both in intellect. She is lovingly eager to snuggle with GiGi, which warms my heart and reminds me of my firstborn. She relishes playtime with others her size. She and Henry were interacting in the most endearing way the other day as she sought out his attention. Her easy-going nature and adaptability continually amaze me — and also remind me of her daddy!

I’m so glad for this season in our lives, as busy and challenging as it can be. I’m so pleased they will grow up, as their parents (our chids) did, in a humble small-town North Country agricultural community. I’m so thankful that they have each other — siblings, cousins, and extended family — to learn and grow into their best true selves. As difficult as life can be, all of that makes it so much easier to manage and indeed, to thrive.

~ René Morley

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