washington, again

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It’s almost irrational, the degree of happiness I feel visiting D.C. in spring. It’s not just that I am sure to exchange a dirty-white and beige-brown landscape for fresh spring green bursting with leaves and blossoms. It’s also the thrill of being in such an historical place. Everywhere I go, I’m reminded of happy times exploring America’s capital city.

Most of this week, however, I was confined to a hotel and professional conference. At the same time (foolishly, in retrospect) I was trying to climb back on the detox train. This was my first experience with a 10-day detox. I thought I knew how to detox. I didn’t pay too much attention to the details when I signed up. I’ve got this, right?

Huh. Not so much! I couldn’t believe how miserable I felt coming off processed foods, sugar, and such. But caffeine was the killer! I consider myself a minimum to moderate coffee drinker but, wow, that was ugly. I could medicate for the headache but there was no fix for an energy level near zero. Attending the conference was all I could manage to do. Quite disappointing, given the amazing opportunities within walking distance outside my hotel each evening. Frustrating, to say the least.


But on Wednesday afternoon, the conference closed and I turned the corner toward personal wellness. A friend picked me up at the hotel and we were quickly off for a late lunch. It was a gloriously sunshiny and warm day in D.C. What a gift!

We strolled around the lovely homes, boutiquey shops and restaurants of the Eastern Market before settling on a place to eat. Matchbox served delicious soup and salad, perfectly flavored with long over-due conversation. The downside of being a distributed worker is the scarcity of face-time with professional colleagues. I take every opportunity I can find to connect. It’s essential to a complete sense of wellness.

After lunch, we drove through the National Mall, just for fun. Tourists, tourists, everywhere, and not a cherry blossom to spare! Until we got to the airport. There, three early blooming trees graced the median. I couldn’t ask for better way to close out another D.C. visit. Thank you, friend. Thank you.

~ Renè Morley

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