pastel perfect 


After a very long travel day, getting up extra early to pack and hours of delay due to runway diversions affecting our second flight, on Friday night we arrived safely in Old San Juan. Sort of. As it turned out, I booked the wrong Sheraton! So we weren’t staying in the old city, as I intended, but near the convention center a few minutes away. This one was all on me. I was so excited about the room and rate that I neglected to note the address. Doggone it all!

We’ve stayed various places in San Juan before embarking on a cruise, including the Gallery Inn on Norzagaray (once was enough), Chateau Cervantes on Recinto Sur (repeatedly), and La Concha in Condado. I love being in the old city. I love boutique hotels. The Hubs, well, not so much. I thought the Sheraton OSJ would make for a decent compromise.

Well, the Sheraton on Convention Blvd turned out just fine. The room was wonderful and the property beautiful. We did incur additional cab fares to get to and from the old city on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Otherwise, it was rather refreshing to be out of the stream of tourists flooding the narrow streets. We had more down time, for sure.  But next year our target is El Convento.  Every trip we enjoy breakfast in the inner courtyard, which feels, fittingly, like a sanctuary. Every time we think, next year we’ll stay here. Next year!

One of the things I love about OSJ is the rich variety of color and textures. Beautifully painted and maintained buildings in a glorious array of sun-washed hues and ornate wrought iron balconies line every street. Against the backdrop of the old city walls, grounded by ancient blue stone streets, capped by bright blue skies or seas, these vistas fill me with joy! I guess that is the way I was made. If you know me, you get it.

Every trip to San Juan, every cruise, we think of those we know who would love this pastel perfect slice of paradise.  Just before we left home we learned our dear friends D and L will join us in 2016. How exciting! We’ve got a list started of the places we hope they will enjoy with us. Let’s begin with the original, world’s best piña colada at Barrachina!

~ René Morley

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