virtual happy hour :)

imagejpeg_0IMG_7490How does a virtual happy hour sound to you? i pour a glass, she pours a glass, and we chat or text our way through an hour of catch-up. Well, I can tell you how it sounds to me: almost perfect.

Sometimes there is just no substitute for gab time with a girlfriend. Sometimes, regrettably, there is no viable option to get together in person. Virtual can work!

This doesn’t strike me as the least bit odd, perhaps because I am a “distributed employee” who connects virtually with colleagues across the country in various time zones numerous times over the course of a day or work week. But some of my girlfriends might give a bit of pause. It’s just not natural for we who are late Boomers or early Gen-Xers. However, once we connect this way, unwinding over a glass or wine or two virtually, it’s a no-brainer.

In this case, we’d hoped and planned to be together in person … until the winter weather intervened. Doggone it and drat it all! But i was not to be dissuaded.

Me: Are you home? Wanna’ grab a glass of wine and chat? … I am beat. Ready to unwind.

She: Huh? I am home (city).

Me: Virtual happy hour 🙂 If you have a glass there and I have a glass here we will both be better for it 🙂 LOL

She: Sorry, I’m a bit frazzled. On my own with the kids this week. Sure, I can text chat. I’ll pour a glass…

Me: Yes I’ve been thinking of you. Long week of “vacation” … Are the kids occupied enough for a phone call?

She: Unfortunately not. They r a bit crazed with being inside, etc. I’m playing referee…

Me: Oh yes, I remember those days … 

But then we were off on a text-chat on children and grandchildren … home renovations …  kitting projects …  parents … dreams and plans. We exchanged photos and video tours and lots of love between the lines and megabytes. I can’t imagine a better way to spend an hour after work. I feel reconnected and rejuvenated. (Thank you, my friend.)

So, how about it? Virtual happy hour! It’s a sure-fire way to improve your outlook.

~ René Morley

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