cheers! to 50 years


It’s hard to believe nearly four weeks have passed since those memorable Newfoundland brews. I recalled our experience while preparing a surprise party for the Hubs’ this past weekend: Cheers to 50 years! At the local craft brew exchange, I selected the Great Lakes Octoberfest, Sam Adams Octoberfest, Abita Pecan Harvest, and Stella Cidre (for the gluten-averse crowd). Yummylicious!

One of his sisters assembled a cool tiered beer “cake” with some of his faves, sparkly and trimmed with battery-operated candles. Other friends and family prepared a delectable variety of chili or fresh corn bread, assembled platters of cheese, crackers, and dried fruit or set tables and lit fires in a scurry of activity. We had barely an hour before the Hubs returned from the pleasant diversion of purchasing a first pair of hockey skates for grandboy, Henry.*

image The guest of greatest honor in this particular celebration was my mother-in-law. We were blessed that Betty (a.k.a. Ma Bet or Betty Boo) could be present, smack dab in the middle of the hubbub and surprise. We cranked the fireplace for interior ambiance and her cozy comfort. Thankfully, the weather also cooperated for patio time. Roaring warm fires outside accompanied good conversation well into the evening. Turning fifty never felt so good.

~ Rene Morley

*His mama played a tough defense on boys’ teams growing up and on two girls teams through high school. We owe our craft brew affinity to amateur girls hockey and a pleasant evening at the Big Buck Brewery near Detroit. When her No Co girls team was playing in the national championships, the Hubs insisted we find place to watch the skating Saints make their championship bid. The rest is brewstory.

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