perfect fit

20140609-100711.jpgI think this was just about as perfect a weekend as it gets. Beautiful weather, out and about, spending time with family and friends, and especially the grandbabes.

It started Friday night in the village park with opening festivities for the ultimate home town celebration: dairy princess parade weekend. June is dairy month, don’tcha’ know! There were all kinds of fun and games, food and freebies for young and old. Massive blow-up structures were the source of many giggles and squeals. Older folk lined up in lawn chairs to enjoy the show of live music and dancing in the street. Youngsters scrambled over farm tractors on display next to the classic cars.

The ever popular cake walk was situated directly behind our church booth. Excitement ran high among children hoping to score an 8-inch square of sticky sweet confection. Cheap enough for a chance, at twenty-five cents a ticket. Pop music was blaring on a continuous accompaniment loop. Such fervor for sugar!

Our church booth was a beehive of activity, giving away balloons on sticks and chances to win life-size cardboard cut-outs of Olaf, Ana, and Elsa from the Disney movie, Frozen. They were a big hit! We had a ball toss game as well. It was also a great opportunity to distribute information about our summer camp for kids. It was a lot of fun to be present in the community, working alongside friends and sisters in faith.

I was so happy for Ollie join me at the booth for a while. He is becoming so independent; such a little man! He made me laugh because he desperately wanted to play the game like a big boy but did but not want to let go of the ball. So he’d stick his hand through the hole in the plywood and pull it back out, ball intact, with a big smile. Too cute!

The hullabaloo continued through Saturday with parade and fireworks graced by the new dairy princess and her court. But early Saturday morning, I was off for adventures with Henry and his mama. First, to the bakery to order his very special first birthday cake. I can’t believe he will be a year old this month. But yes, he is walking and sporting a first tooth to remind us!


Then it was play time in the park, whereby Henry insisted on personally testing and inspecting every piece of equipment. This was followed by a stroll along the river and, finally, breakfast at the local crêperie. Yummy-licious!

Thereafter, we stumbled upon a garage sale with the perfect Henry-sized play kitchen, just like new. His mama insisted we stop and scoop it up, along with a few other toys. Great deals!

20140609-093534.jpg Then we were on to the beach, not yet open for the season. But Henry couldn’t have cared less about the signage; he was determined to get wet. The water was cold but he did not mind: ker-plop! This little guy sure knows what he wants and will figure out how to get it. It’s so much fun watching him develop from baby into little boy.

Throughout the weekend I was knitting, knitting, knitting for our new grandgirl due July 25. This is my third attempt at a sweater to suit the lovely lavender yarn I purchased for Rosie. I’ve moved on to a new pattern, which is proving a challenge. I’m sure I’ve unraveled at least five times what I’ve knit since I started! Still hoping to finish in time for the baby shower next weekend.

On Sunday we had the pleasure of Sadie’s company while her mama took care of some business. (Big brother Ollie was in the tractor with dada, working the fields.) Sadie is the sweetest girl! It is so much joy to spend a few hours with her. She has adorable chubs, the softest skin, perfectly flawless, rosy complexion, and a sunshiny personality to match.

20140608-223238.jpg 20140608-223252.jpg

The a Hubs and I love taking the grandbabes to church; Sadie is especially easy because she sleeps or eats and snuggles. After church, I was determined to get some photos. You know how they say you never take as many of the younger chids as you did of the oldest? Well, grandbabes, too!

First, I snapped a few of her in the sweet gingham dress she wore to church. It was an Easter gift from GiGi and Pops and that is already a bit snug. Then, with a giggle, I slipped her into the onesie from my cousin. “She’s NOT my Grandma, she’s my Glamma!” It cracks me up, given my journey from Glamma-wannabe toapproval as a GiGi. Just like the weekend, it was a perfect fit.

~ René Morley

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