blooming into boys

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This year, Mother’s Day was also girls day out in Ottawa. We carpooled into the city: grandmas in one car, mamas and babies in another. We left home mid-morning for Dow’s Lake and the annual Tulip Festival.

Between the fierce winter and unseasonably cool spring, there weren’t a lot of tulips in full bloom to greet us on May 11. No surprise; I figured when the tulip meter was not even displaying on the event website they were doing their best not to discourage us!

It was still a great day for four generations of ladies and babies. Lots of sunshine, nothing but time to meander and chit-chat, patio lunch at the pavilion (if mediocre Mexican) and a lovely drive in and out of the city. What’s not to like?

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The best part of the day was being with the grandboys in a shared new experience. It was hilarious to see Henry react to the sensation of grass on his bare feet and Oliver, strutting in his new sneakers, ready to take on the world. They chomped like champs on cheese quesadilla for lunch and were generally just so nicely behaved.

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On Mother’s Day I realized just how quickly these babies are blooming into little boys. Ollie is pushing up on a year and a half as Henry approaches his first birthday! I am immensely proud but also a bit sad at the same time. Proud because they are both so good natured and fun to be with and learning how to play together, too. Sad because they are growing too fast. I know all too well how fleeting is this season of babyhood. I’m just so thankful for the privilege to experience it again as GIGi.

~ René Morley

4 thoughts on “blooming into boys”

  1. How fun!!!! You truly are a wonderful mother, cousin, daughter, Gigi. I know the Gigi role is the best!!! Your grandchildren are sooooo beautiful!
    It’s true they do grow too fast. Kiersten will enter 7th grade this fall as Kenna enters K’gdn. Too fast they grow! I was in Kiersten’s room this morning, just sitting, observing. (Her teacher is out on medical leave and the sub needed some support is corralling these almost 7th graders). I don’t know what was said to Kiersten, but I heard her say, “No, I don’t care my grandma is here. She is my friend.” I was sooo blessed to hear that. It so filled my heart with joy. And that is what you will be to your grandchildren. Their friend. 🙂

    1. What a sweet memory with your grandgirl! Thank you for the encouragement; it’s hard to know in the day-to-day our own impact. But I hope and pray you are right. :=)

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