sweetums and sweet pea

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On Sunday, two grandbabies and their mama went to church with us. It makes my week perfectly complete. After church, their daddy took a break from farm work to join us for lunch. Watching the four of them together reminds me so much of our early years: busy, busy, busy!

Sweet Pea is a darling girl. She is the sort of baby that makes you think you might want to have a dozen! She is growing so fast and is so cuddly and sweet. I want nothing more than to snuggle with her. I can’t get enough.

Sweetums is growing fast but also moving fast, too. He is just so much fun. I love reading to him, singing silly songs, and practicing our animal sounds together. He has a curious and quick mind; it is a joy to watch him develop. He is learning new words all the time (GiGi!, hockey, cracker, cock-a-doodle-do!) and understands much of what is being said. I don’t know if he understands “gentle” yet? His mama and da-da keep a close eye on him around Sweet Pea.

I hoped Sweetums would comply for a few photos with his sister. It was nearing nap time and he was beginning to get a little cranky. Yet as soon as he saw the camera he was all smiles. What a ham!

Sweetums’ mama wanted him to put his arm around Sweet Pea for the photo. He is such a fidget, I didn’t know if he’d go along with it, but he did. A few moments later, he repeated the pose on his own accord. (Honestly, I thought he was positioning to clunk her over the head, but no! He was just being sweet.) I smile every time I see that photo of Sweet Pea under Sweetums’ protective embrace.

You can already tell that his mama and dada are diligent in teaching kindness and good manners. It’s a lot of work to train up a child, as I do recall. I’m so proud of Sweetums for his sweet and willing spirit, even as he is beginning to assert his independence. I can’t wait to see all that he and Sweet Pea will be. I just hope they are in no hurry to outgrow snuggle time with GiGi.

~ René Morley

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