spring therapy

The past few weeks have been a slog, waiting for spring to spring. It was either stay busy or lose my mind. So I have been knitting and crafting in my spare time. Although I always end up spending more time or money than I intended, good therapy is seldom fast or cheap, eh?

20140419-204043.jpgOne of my favorite quick projects is Babies in Bloom knit hats by Jennifer Dickerson. These knit up in a couple hours or so, even for a slowpoke like me. Sadie wears them beautifully in sage green and coral-pink with big rosettes that offset her sweet smile. My more recent innovation is to work them up in gray or blue and add bright felt buttons for the charming little lads in my life. It is a stretchy, lightweight hat suitable for spring or fall. Inexpensive to make from leftover yarn, easy and fun!

20140419-195634.jpgThis weekend I started a new project: loveys. These small square blankets are perfect for wee ones. The idea is for mama to keep it close for awhile to absorb her scent, which helps a newborn feel more secure. But toddlers and small children love loveys, too. They are so easy to take everywhere!

I couldn’t decide between two patterns online — satiny luxe or with tactile ribbon tags — so I merged them into a version uniquely my own. My first rendition has soft pink trim on a sweet owl print flannel backed by cream colored minky. It’s a gift for grandgirl-on-the-way, due late July. Her mama will tuck it away until the big day.

My sewing skills are a bit rusty but I love the finished product. The satin trim is luxuriously wide; the fabrics are feather soft. After just a few weeks, she’ll be fascinated by the differently textured ribbons. I have a bunch more loveys cut out and ready to sew … when I get back from Arizona. Because every baby needs one. Or at least, this GiGi thinks so!

~ René Morley

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