dear oliver, i am a beach bum

20140318-054505.jpg Dear Oliver,

Today is Thursday. We have been away from home one week. I miss you and Sadie. But I do not miss the cold and snow!

Today was another beach day. Antigua has 365 beaches, so that is easy enough! Pops wanted to check out Valley Church. It was a 20-minute drive by taxi-van. I fell asleep on the way there, so comfy in the Baby Bjorn with Mama.

This beach was a great find, with a restaurant called The Nest, clean facilities, umbrellas and lounge chairs for rent, and a very long stretch of white sand. I was so thankful for the cool cotton hat you loaned me with a floppy brim, neck flap and ear flaps. I wore it in the water to keep my head from sunburn!

The sand was coarse underfoot, nothing like the Boat Yard. There are gazillions of seashell and coral fragments, which are sharp! The sea floor drops off quickly when you enter the water but levels out and is shallow enough. Then the sand underfoot becomes as soft as a baby’s bottom. That’s what GiGi said, anyway. I was not touching the bottom because Mama or Da-Da were holding me afloat. The view from this beach is amazing. I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture!

20140318-054458.jpg It was a great day. I split my time between eating (lots of puffs — and also Cheerios, another first this week), sleeping and playing. Da-Da tossed me high overhead and swung me though the waves. It made me giggle. I love the sea! Even the saltwater is okay by me.

You know how GiG is so nervous about sun exposure? No joke. She slathered me in more sunscreen when Mama and Da-Da took off for a walk, just in case they missed something. Then she splashed cool water from the ice bucket on me!

I wondered at first if this had anything to do with that big pee in Barbados? But no, she was just being GiGi and concerned about me. I didn’t mind. The sun was becoming a bit much under the umbrella. I was heating up fast. The cold water felt good! It was time to call it quits. GiGi was relieved when Mama and Da-Da returned. We were ready to go!

Still, GiGi said this was her best day in Antigua, yet. Seems Antigua hasn’t always been so kind.

Later I played in my froggy pool in the shade on our balcony. The captain blew the ship’s horn a long time as we were departing St. John’s. It is a beautiful port and island. I hope we can come back some day to play together! GiGi and Pops think that would be awesome, too.

I can hardly believe there are only two more ports and three days of vacation left. I will see you soon, Oliver!


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