dear oliver, i miss you

Dear Oliver,

Today was a very early start. Just because I said so! Sometimes I let GiGi and Pops take me for awhile so Mama can sleep in a bit longer. But not today. Because sometimes there is just no substitute for my Mama. When this happens, she says I have a case of the mamas. I guess she is right.

When we pulled into port, it was foggy and gray. An airport sits on the seashore. It is fun to watch planes take off or land. They fly in quite close to the ship in St. Lucia. So exciting!

20140318-043059.jpg 20140318-042738.jpg 20140318-042749.jpg

We all went to breakfast together and then out exploring. The fog burned off quickly for a bright and warm day. It was a quick taxi ride to the market. It was a big market, all kinds of colorful. Fruit and vegetables, baskets and clothing, spices and wooden carvings, arts and crafts with narrow walkways between stalls under a big roof. So much to see and maybe touch! Turns out local markets are a GiGi and Pops kind of thing; Mama and Da-Da didn’t like it much. So we left.

We found another friendly taxi driver who agreed to give us a brief island tour. We saw lots of tropical flowering trees and plants, schools and children in uniforms, beautiful bays and sea coast from above, old architecture, and a prison used during the French and British conflicts. Our driver said St. Lucia changed “hands” 14 times before gaining independence; that is a lot fighting over a tiny island.

We always drove on the left. No carseats! And a lot of hairpin turns as we climbed higher. (Great-Grandma would not like it much, I think.) Once again, it was a tiny van taxi but this time we had it all to ourselves. Da-Da told me all that I missed because I was sleepy and snuggled safe with GiGi for a nap. After all, I did have a very early start today.

They even made a pitt stop for Pitons, the local brew (not the volcanic peaks — too far away for me today) while I snoozed. Da-da said it was very good but it will be a very long time before I know anything more about that!

20140318-042930.jpg 20140318-042853.jpg 20140318-051755.jpg

20140318-042908.jpg 20140318-051031.jpg 20140318-051017.jpg

That afternoon, Da-Da watched me while Mama and GiGi went to the spa. Da-da and I gave Mama a spa gift for Christmas. We know she needs a break. Any baby is a lot of work — even on vacation — but today I really gave her a run for it. Later she played with me in my froggy pool on the balcony. I am not allowed to go in the public pools until I get rid of these doggone diapers. Honestly! So Mama and Da-Da brought an inflatable pool for me. I think the froggy is hysterical.

The cabin steward leaves things for me to play with. I wonder if you have to go to towel animal school to learn this trick? Maybe when we get to pre-school it will become more clear. After my bath, GiGi fixed my hair with a cute curl down the middle. Da-da did not like it and smoothed it out. “Well, then,” GiGi huffed. “It’s no wonder people think his daddy gave him a Mohawk!”

That evening, we all went to dinner together in the fancy dining room. I ate mushy stuff off the main menu like a big shot. The waiters are very accommodating, bringing me cold fruit soups and applesauce and such. I’ve developed a real taste for mashed potatoes!

There are a few other babies on board, Oliver, but none look to be half as fun as you. So we go our way and they go theirs. Just wish you were here. Everyone sends their love to you and Sadie. Miss you!


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