dear oliver, i love the sea

Dear Oliver,

Today we were in Barbados for my first Caribbean Sea excursion! Barbados is so funny it made me giggle. They speak English, but differently. They drive on the left side of the road. And they use tiny vans to taxi 14 or 15 adults — plus me — crammed in like sardines. No car seats here, either. I could get used to this. We had quite a ride!

Nobody brought a camera so I will try my best to describe the day…

We went to a place called the Boat Yard on Carlisle Bay. Everyone had been here before — except me, of course. Pops said it is his top favorite beach in the Caribbean. I can see why!

It has lots of fun water sport toys (for big boys and girls), a restaurant and nice facilities. The sand on the beach and in the sea is the silkiest softest whitest sand you will ever find. The sea flows in gentle waves in bands of blue-blues and blue-greens. The sea floor is soft and stays shallow for a long ways out. The water is so clear you can count your piggy toes and watch wee fish dart in and out. It is quite something.

We got there early enough to claim lounge chairs in the shade of big palms. A nice breeze and a few clouds helped keep me cool. I took a quick swim with Da-Da but mostly had fun playing with my toys. I wore my full body swim suit to stay safe from the sun. Mama is not crazy about it but I like it a lot. It is so comfy!

It was a lazy day. I napped for a long time under the coconut palms in Mama’s arms. I had lunch. Another swim. Then I peed all over GiGi! Everyone thought that was quite a hoot, including me! It was a big pee but GiGi didn’t seem to mind. We both washed off in the sea. Then I played with Pops and GiGi while Mama and Da-Da went for an adventure walk.

When we got back to the ship we all took naps. When I woke up from my nap, I did another new trick. Mama was surprised when she came in to get me and found me sitting up in bed, waiting for her. “What’s next?,” she said. I’m not sure, yet. (It might be waving bye-bye. Everyone seems keen on that.)

When GiGi and Pops came back from dinner, they stayed with me so Mama and Da-Da could go out. There is a little doorway connecting our rooms. GiGi tiptoes in every few minutes to be sure I am okay. It is dark in our room and especially in my “room” (otherwise known as the closet). She shines her iPad on me and listens carefully. Sometimes she touches me just to make me squirm a bit. She is such a nervous Nellie!

GiGi guards the hallway like a Doberman. She sent the cabin steward and his chatty friends away. “Shhhhh! Sleeping baby!” For some reason, everyone in this family really wants me to stay asleep when I am asleep. The stupid steward came back a few minutes later with a vacuum cleaner in the hallway. Honestly! GiGi sent him away again with just one look!

Tomorrow, St. Lucia. Mama says we have no plan yet. But something is sure to sort out in the morning!


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