dear oliver, i sail

20140317-072305.jpg Dear Oliver,

On Sunday, we took GiGi and Pops out to breakfast. Mama and Da-Da discovered a place in Condado called The Original Funky Café, or something like that. The owner had green and red and black drawings all over his arms! We had a fantabulous breakfast. Then we took it easy until it was time to go to the ship.

The day was bright and sunshiny. Just perfect! GiGi stayed with me while I napped; Mama and Da-Da had another swim in the sea. Then it was time to pack up and move on. Another taxi ride. Another security check. A bit of paperwork. A new ID, this one a SeaPass.

In mere minutes we were on board Adventure of the Seas! Mama cried when the first RCI lady welcomed me so warmly. Mama said she didn’t know why she cried but I do: anyone who loves on me wins her heart, too. The children’s program lady loaned me a bag of nice toys to help keep me occupied. The room steward brought a spare sheet so I don’t have to play on the carpet. Plus, GiGi and Pops are just next door…

This started me off on another string of firsts, including my first sailing! And first sleep in a closet! Yes, you heard me correctly: closet.

To be fair, it is a very big closet. You know how I need a dark, quiet space to sleep, Oliver? Da-Da thought this was the perfect solution. My pack-and play did fit nicely, with lots of room to spare. So I am okay with it, too. GiGi had some “concerns” but, well, you know GiGi.

20140317-071750.jpg She and Pops will watch me in the evenings this week while Mama and Da-Da go to dinner. GiGi always props open the closet door with Da-Da’s flip-flops and sneakers, even though it’s well ventilated, top and bottom. (Yes, classic GiGi.)

However, i am a light sleeper and some people were not very considerate! So GiGi also made a sign with lipstick:

please s’il vous plait
baby bébé infant l’enfant
Grazi merci thank you

What she lacks in foreign language skills she makes up for in enthusiasm, I guess. She signed it with a smiley face and stuck it to her door with band-aids. Da-Da was so embarrassed he took it down when he saw it! “Not for nothin’,” GiGi said, “It did seem to help.” Huh.

On our first full cruising day, GiGi and Pops took me out for an early morning adventure while Mama and Da-Da got some sleep. Pops really liked showing me the ship. We stopped for coffee and pastries (them) and applesauce (me). We watched the sunrise from the Viking Crown. We played “Headliner Henry” on the small stage and found photo ops on the Promenade. We did some laps, mostly inside — you know how I hate the wind! It was so early in the morning we nearly had the place to ourselves.

20140317-073457.jpg 20140317-073507.jpg 20140317-073517.jpg

20140317-073533.jpg 20140317-073549.jpg 20140317-074622.jpg

Oh, yes. GiGi also gave me some food that didn’t sit well that afternoon. I broke out in hives. She freaked out, a bit. (You know GiGi.) But Da-Da is calm under pressure and Mama, too. They gave me some Benadryl and all was well.

Then we went to the ice show. Lights! Music! Ice dancing! What’s not to love? It was a great place to practice clapping, too.

All for now, cousin Oliver. I miss you and Sadie!


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