dear oliver, i clap! i surf!

20140317-065027.jpg 20140317-065049.jpg 20140317-065058.jpg

Dear Oliver,

Today was another big day, mostly because I learned to clap! Mama and Da-Da were so proud; GiGi and Pops, too.

It all started because Mama said there were a few things on the to-do list this week. So, of course, every time I turned around, someone was clapping with me or at me. Now, you know I would rather clap someone else’s hands than my own. But finally, I gave it up. Okay! I will clap myself. (Actually, I still prefer the closed-fist clap but … I can see where this is going.) GiGi made up a new patty-cake song to encourage me along. It always makes me smile.

20140317-070424.jpg 20140317-070434.jpg
This morning I went out exploring in my stroller with GiGi and Pops. I took them to Walgreens for essentials, like sunscreen and beach balls. Pops likes pushing my stroller ahead, GiGi trails behind; the warm sun makes me even more sleepy. After my nap, I swam with Pops in his whirlpool while we waited for Mama and Da-Da to return from breakfast and their adventure walk. Beach balls are fun!

This afternoon, they had the resort doc stop by to check my ears. They have been red and have not felt right since the San Juan flight. All the rubbing does no good! And I haven’t had much appetite. Mama and GiGi said, “Better safe than sorry.” And Pops said, “Whatever it takes to help the ladies relax.” Da-Da said, “Whatever Henry needs.” The doc didn’t see much to worry about but he did agree with the meds so far and also put drops in. And soon, just as he said, I did feel better! So we were all happy in the end. Especially me.

20140317-065038.jpg 20140317-082146.jpg

20140317-090815.jpg 20140317-065112.jpg

Later, we went back to the sea. La Concha casts a long shadow over the beach by late afternoon. The sand is so warm here, even on an overcast day. Mama laid a towel down so I could play with my toys while DaDa body surfed. Then he took me out in the water. He held me high to watch the waves roll toward shore and then dropped my toes, feet, legs into the salty crashing surf. I love the seashore!

We had a quiet and early night. Tomorrow will be another big day. Mama and Da-Da send their love. GiGi and Pops, too!


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