dear oliver, i fly

Dear Oliver,

I know you were a tiny baby when you took your first airplane ride to Florida. You might not remember it? Well, GiGi thought I should tell you all about my trip. We both miss you and Sadie.

We got up very early on Friday. It was dark. Although I wore my furry-bear hat, just like yours, it was cold. I was still so sleepy when Mama took me out of my carseat. We went inside a bright, noisy place; so busy with lots of people and machinery. It was kind of scurry but I didn’t cry. Not once, Oliver!

My first flight was quick and easy to NYC. The captain welcomed me on board and gave me a set of wings! I don’t remember much otherwise; I guess I slept through it.

We made a mad dash to our next gate. Mama and Da-Da were loaded down with backpacks and stroller and, of course, me. GiGi and Pops ran ahead, as if that would help? It was a close call but we made it — just in time to board.

20140317-062124.jpg 20140317-062134.jpg

On our second flight, I made friends with another baby Henry, one row back. His mama played peek-a-boo with me. I played with my toys and hardly fussed. Mama and Da-Da were surprised that it was so easy! The altitude made my ears feel funny, though. I tried rubbing them but it didn’t help. Mama and Da-Da gave me some medicine. I was glad when we finally landed.

And then, for the third time that day we stepped into a busy, noisy, bright place with lots of people speaking different languages, lots of moving pieces and confusion. Yes, I have to admit it was starting to get to me, Oliver.

When the luggage conveyer started up with the most annoyingly loud buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzzzzzzzz it about sent me over the edge! MaMa noticed I was pinching my fingers together until they were white. GiGi spoke softly, trying to soothe me. Then Mama took me into the ladies room for a diaper change. I hate public restrooms. How humiliating! I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, Oliver. (Mama, too!)

Finally, we loaded everything up in a big van. Da-Da said I would be fine without a car seat. GiGi seemed a bit nervous. I snuggled with Mama for the ride to the hotel in Condado. It was so warm in Puerto Rico. Yippety-skippety … no snow! We ate lunch outside under an umbrella. Da-da gave me a taste of his french fries and guacamole. Yum-yummy!

20140317-062557.jpg 20140317-090657.jpg

Da-Da let me dip my feet in the hotel pool. It was even more exciting to find a pool just my size on our balcony! Da-Da filled it to overflowing with bath-tubby warm water and turned on the jets. Mama and DaDa and I whirlpooled together. Later we went down to the beach. The waves were crashing on the shore. Mama and Da-Da and I walked in the soft warm sand and saltwater. I loved it!

That was a very long day. But Mama and Da-da were so proud of how well I did with all of the hustle and bustle, crowds of people, strange and loud noises, and so much change, from one place to the next. The band played loud below our balcony into the night but I had no trouble sleeping!

Well, I guess that is all for now, Oliver. Please give Sadie a kiss from me and one from GiGi!


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