sugar on snow

20131127-102506.jpg 20131127-101324.jpg

It snowed last night
That sneaky Nor’easterner
Snuck in while we slept
She left behind a blanket of white
Tree limbs hanging heavy
Boughs bent low under first snow

Beautiful at first light
Though more gray than white
The skies are dark and burdened, too
Surely she has more storming to do

Giant flakes fall steadily, piling inch by inch
This would have been cause for celebration
In the good ol’ days, when I was a chid …

Mom would set a small pan outside
Aluminum, dented and dinged by years of use
She’d boil maple syrup to the hard candy state
And drizzle over first snow, like icing on a cake

We took turns choosing slivers of maple
Quick frozen and sticky sweet
It didn’t last long (nor the snow, once inside)
Sugar on snow was a favorite treat

The grandboys may still be too young
For such a North Country delicacy
But it won’t be long, for certain, for sure
Before this GiGi does a repeat

~ René Morley

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