20131006-072248.jpgYesterday was one of those packed-to-the-rim sort of days. It was so full I had to get a jump start on Friday night, baking squash and sweet potatoes in advance of babyfoodapalooza. Because, you guessed it, Ollie ate through the supply of squash and fruit concoctions I cooked up in August.

His Mommy said he liked the squash and bananas best but enjoyed the squash and apples, too. At any rate, it’s “all gone!” I purchased the Wholesome Baby Food cookbook from Momtastic, the oh-so-helpful website guiding my first attempt. My daughter-in-law marked several recipes in advance of a mid-week grocery run. And I blocked off Saturday morning for purée fun.

20131006-072313.jpgNever you mind that our own chids were Gerber babies; it’s a GiGi’s prerogative to up the ante, eh? I shudder to think of my ignorance with apple juice, rice cereal and banana pudding back in the day! Our chids are much smarter, certainly more nutritious savvy. They don’t introduce cereals so quickly. They are cautious if not outright repulsed by highly processed foods. They introduce sweet foods sparingly or later. In hindsight, it all makes perfect sense.

This time around, I was pulling out the stops. In no time flat I was up to my elbows on Saturday morning in roasted and steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. We had two food processors in high-powered production mode. Which is not to say we were highly efficient but we got the job done, and then some. In between playing and soothing and rocking and singing and changing and feeding, we made green beans with apple, butternut squash with banana, and sweet potato with pumpkin and apples. Yummylicious!

It was well past lunch time when we finished up with way more food than containers to freeze in — enough to feed Sweetums for weeks! I was exhausted by the time the kitchen was restored to order. But it was the good kind of tired, of the I can make a difference effect in contributing to their health and well-being. It was cooking and caring in community, reminiscent of the good ol’ days. Time well spent, on all counts. Babyfoodapalooza!

~ René Morley

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