fare thee well


Early this morning, our friends departed for points south, then west. They are on a long road trip, criss-crossing the country. We felt fortunate to be scheduled into their itinerary. Three weeks have passed like a blur; they arrived the same day as Henry James . We are sorry to see them leave.

Those of our friends who don’t know them say, “Three weeks! That is a long time to have houseguests.” Those of their friends who don’t know us say, “Why are you staying with them?” Yet it makes perfect sense to each of us.

Our bonds were established years ago, in a community of faith. They have tightened in travel together, at home and abroad. From the Adirondacks to the Alps, the Rhine to the Rideau, the St. Lawrence to the Seine, the northeast to the midwest and back again, there have been no better companions for adventure.

Three weeks went much too quickly! Their visit was flavored with a taste of bittersweet, each of us knowing we may not meet again anytime soon. We’ve treasured the pleasure of their company in conversations richly woven like tapestry, many threads waiting to be picked up again.

Hospitality is a gift, to give and to receive. Those who have it should use it well. Those who find it should stop and rest a spell. Life is too short and so much better with friends.

Fare thee well, dear friends. Until we meet again.

~ René Morley

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