sangria and such

20130604-194641.jpgIt is a quiet night in the North Country. Birds banter back and forth, twittering about their day. A lawn mower churns down the road. A gentle breeze stirs. The occasional car passes. A dog barks, but far away. More birds. More breeze. A motorcycle revs up on a crossroad nearby. An old truck turns over, the engine rumbling — behind the barn? A tractor prowls a field, somewhere. I enjoy the evening sunshine, lukewarm but lingering on the patio. And another sip of sangria.

Thinking back on the weekend, I am just so thankful. Thankful for family and friends who understand that nothing is more important than showing up! Thankful that all three three chids and their soul-mates have settled nearby and remain central to our lives. Thankful that we enjoy good health in this season. Thankful for my sisters and sisters-in-law, for nieces and nephews. Thankful for my Kim-Kimoree and her good man. Thankful for a great pastoral team. Thankful for our grand-boys and thankful that they have two great-grandmas. Thankful that the weather cooperated, for the most part. Thankful for this moment, even if bittersweet.

20130604-195219.jpgThe weekend was so jam-packed with events and people that I hardly captured a photo to mark a moment. But it was good. All good! There was lunch on Maxfield’s patio, celebrating my sister’s interview. The John Deere block party and vendors in the park, stopping by the library booth to re-introduce family to family. Josie’s pizza. Parade floats. Custom cupcakes. Hot dogs and baked beans. Thundershowers and scurrying for cover. Henry’s signature Sangria Slider. Gifts and well wishes for a wee one, on his way to us soon. Gorgeous floral arrangements, courtesy of my sister’s talents: peonies, irises, and phlox in abundance!

Breathe deeply, in, out. Savor the scent, the moment.

There was a dedication in the faith for Oliver Lloyd, our sweet grand-boy of four months. Extended family present to share in celebrations. In-laws who join in and also serve up a good lunch. Morgan’s ice cream, just because. A round-about driving tour to help my sister reacquaint with the No Co. Hours and hours on the back patio, waterfall tumbling, conversation humming. So many sweet opportunities to reconnect. So refreshing and encouraging. And yes, exhausting!

20130604-202900.jpgI am thankful that events this weekend went off with nary a hitch. Now the house has emptied. The Hubs and I must regroup. There is no hope for us but more sleep! He went to bed before it was fully dark; I am not far behind. Perhaps you are tired, too? May we each rest as sweetly as Ollie, nestled safe in his mama’s arms … and as quietly as Henry, afloat in his mama’s womb — forming a baby bump on which cousin Ollie seems pleased to perch! Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

I’ll leave you with my Dad’s favorite benediction: Nighty night. Sleepy tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

~ René Morley

20130604-210133.jpgHenry’s Sangria Slider

1 large bottle dry white wine
1 cup peach (or other) Schnapps (less if wine is sweet)
1/2 cup brandy (may be flavored to suit fruit)
1/2 cup triple sec
10 oz. Pellegrino/ fizzy water (more if wine is sweet)
2 peaches (or plums), sliced
2 nectarines (or apples), sliced
1 cup strawberries, blackberries or blueberries (or a mix)

Replenish liquids as necessary. Enjoy!

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