sunshine boy

20130425-082554.jpgThere’s one thing I can count on to make my day. His name is Ollie. He is the sweetest boy! His smile is like sunshine to a rainy day. He inspires me. I can’t get enough.

Last Sunday I had him to myself for hours. Well, I did have to share with the Hubs but he is pretty good about giving me uninterrupted rock-a-bye time. And that’s what we did, mostly. We rocked and sang. He ate and slept, snuggled close to my heart.

In between feedings and naps, Ollie told me stories in sweet little coos. I heard all about his big, clumsy doggie and silly, lazy kitties and how much he’s looking forward to that first tractor ride with his daddy. And oh, yes, also how he and his mommy like to play dress up; he has such the little man’s wardrobe! At least, that’s what I think he said.

The Hubs and I took Ollie to church with us. Ollie’s almost a regular, but with mommy away for the day and daddy working, he needed a ride. He slept through the service like a charm. Hmmm. That was suspiciously easy!

I can hardly believe that I was once reluctant, perhaps fearful, of entering this stage in my life. Grandparenting. Would it set into motion the final countdown? Tick-tock, tick-tock. Would it be the beginning of my end? I have so many places to go yet, so many things to do; I’m not nearly through! But I needn’t have worried for a minute.

Grandparenting is a rare opportunity to be fully present, in the moment, where it matters most. All of the overarching responsibilities, distractions, and pressures of parenting have evaporated. My cooking and cleaning will wait ’til tomorrow. Right now, this is all I need to do.This is a grandparent’s privilege. This is the good stuff.

Grandchids, it turns out, expand the quality of life unimaginably. Who else has the power to turn a gray day to sunshine? To reveal your tenderest, kindest self to the world? To bring a smile just by … being? Time with our grandbabe is a glimpse of heaven’s bliss.

I am so thankful for wee Ollie and all that he has brought to our lives in three months. He makes me all the more eager for Henry James, eight weeks and counting down! I can imagine the adventures we will have together, the stories we will tell. I can’t wait. Bring on the grandbabes; the more the merrier!

Dave and J.J. Heller get it right in When I’m With You (Deeper, 2011).

I could never count all the ways
that you change me, Baby
Every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue
When I’m with you

Beautiful baby,
You’re sweeter than strawberry pie
Just like the morning,
Your smile brings the sunshine

~René Morley

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