ollie and me

20130308-201527.jpgBetween work and play, I won’t see Ollie again for thirteen days. Much too long! I miss him already.

We leave early in the morning for vacation. I asked his mommy and daddy if there wasn’t something they would like to do tonight? I needed Ollie time. They said they wouldn’t mind dinner and a movie. Works for GiGi! So now we are rocking and singing and snuggling, just me and my sweetums. I’ve nothing better in all the world to do.

We did have a mishap. It started with a newfangled bottle malfunction. You might call it user error. It ended with a sopping wet baby. Spare clothes were in short supply but, fortunately, GiGi is ready! Ollie barely fit into the outfit uncle P wore home from the hospital, circa 1983, but it will do. It was either that or a pretty pink sleeper, circa 1985, courtesy of auntie M!

No matter, Ollie and me are happy as can be. Pops is putting a load of baby things in the washer now. With any luck we’ll have everything back in place before the chids return. Sssshhhhh … It’s our secret.

~René Morley

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