gigi’s ready!

This is the week for our January grandbabe to be born. I mean, this is the week! Because otherwise, it will be a February grandbabe … and I will be in Denver. So I am really hoping and praying this is the week! Regardless, I am going to be a glam-mama GiGi!

Yes, we have finally come to terms on what we will call me. The chids refused to board the Glam-train. (Sigh. In my heart, I know who I am!) GiGi was my third choice. (They nixed number two, too.) The Hubs says GiGi sounds like a poodle! Whatever. In the end, I also know I will be as the grandchids name me. You can bet I have already begun making my case. I speak to the wee ones in utero every chance I get. (I know. My chids think it’s a little much, too.)

My daughter-in-law reminded me last week that I am not nearly ready for this babe to appear. You haven’t taken care of business, she said, with a disappointed frown. You better get with it!

Well, yes. She had mentioned some baby stuff a few weeks ago. I have to say this was a surprise element. It truly hadn’t occurred to me that grandparents are supposed to set up satellite nurseries? My D-i-L noted that her mother is ready. She has the playpen, car seat, even spare clothes on hand!

Looking back, our parents made do with whatever they had when the grandchids came to visit. Babies napped in the middle of big beds, pillows mounded to keep them from rolling off. Car seats were easily swapped in and out of vehicles. Mercy! Perhaps it wasn’t ideal but it worked out okay.

You need not worry, I told her. For at least three months this babe will rest in my arms! But then she cast an appraising glance on my knitting project, noting my lack of progress over the past few months. It’s not that I haven’t been knitting, I reminded her. It’s just that I unknit a lot. Besides, it’s a six months sized sweater. I have lots of time! At this rate, you may have to give it to the next one, the June babe, she sniffed dubiously. (She makes me chuckle, this D-i-L of mine!)

But she is right. Preparations are in order and I better get on it! And times have changed. Baby gear is complicated and parents are much more safety conscious, for good reason. The gear selection is overwhelming with way too much upsell. It took me an entire weekend to research and purchase a convertible car seat, a 3-in-1 wooden mini-crib and bedding. Then I sent the specs to my son so he could approve the results of my diligent research.

I picked up some new receiving blankets. I purchased some D-i-L approved Dreft — but only after applying my own sweet-as-a-newborn sniff test — to wash baby blankets and other small things I’ve saved for thirty years. The cedar chest is empty and the washing machine is full. And I told my daughter-in-law, never you mind. GiGi will be ready in no time!

~René Morley

2 thoughts on “gigi’s ready!”

  1. I am praying GIGI shall be home for the grand entrance. So waiting to hear!!! I have two other friend’s who are GIGI…I still like Glam-mama! Love you and have fun sitting up that satellite nursery….which is a must! Blessings

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