reluctant scrapper

AE_OLW2013_BannerI registered for One Little Word at Big Picture Classes this morning. “Twelve months of techniques and creative play” sounds like fun, eh? I’m thrilled to have some takers among you!

I’m not a scrapper. I can’t even say the word without thinking of that awkwardly hilarious scene with an uptight Renee Zellweger and the endearing Siobhan Hogan in New in Town. However, I am crazy for digital photo books. I enjoy expressing myself in creative arts and interior design. And I am eager for what I might learn through this class.

I am sure I’ll enjoy the scrapping, once I get down to it. But I am much more interested in structured monthly prompts that will encourage me to focus on my word through the course of the year. Yes, I have a word! Of course, there’s a story about my word. I’ll get to that…


It’s bitter cold here in the North Country. Temps are forecast to dip below zero all week. Only last week I was bragging about a balmy 50 degree reprieve, when mounds of snow melted to reveal scruffy brown-green grass as far as the eye could see. All of which is now exposed to this brutal cold. Oy vey.

Martin Luther King day has dawned with a lovely, soft sunrise. I savored piping hot pumpkin spice coffee as I watched a rosy-red glow spread over the river. The day is so cold there’s hardly a wisp of cloud in the sky. The flip side of the sub-zero coin is a blast of sunshine. I’ll take it!

This is only my second MLK day off from work, having left the University mid-December 2011. Ironic, eh? I love having a Monday off now and again, especially in the drudgery of mid-winter.

It’s a luxury to have a whole day off with almost nothing planned. A few chores to attend to. Maybe an errand or two. A meeting this evening. But in between, freedom!


I’m anxious to dive into the One Little Word class. January materials are available for download and a welcome email has entered my inbox. I signed up for a freebie starter class, too. Maybe, as a reluctant scrapper and a newbie, I should start there, eh?

~René Morley

P.S. I logged in and … promptly got lost looking for the January prompt! Here’s a tip if you are taking this class with me: Go to the “Archives” immediately. Ignore the chats and galleries, at least at first. I quickly became overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated. But I am determined not to be sidetracked from my word! ;/0

In the January Archive, you’ll find a 30-minute video with the instructor, Ali. She explains how the course works, lays out the first assignment and provides samples of her work by example. I am totally inspired! And I’m off to pick up a few supplies…

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