one little word

I stumbled upon a sweet online class this morning — One Little Word. I didn’t know you could take an interactive, do-it-yourself crafty class online! How cool is that? I have never scrapbooked before but this has my attention.

The class is based upon a principle I first learned in the book, Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert. I loved the book, despite its New Age-y woo-woo. I am inspired by exploration through travel and the challenge to think, differently. If you’ve read it you know that every place has “a word” and each of us does, too.

Elizabeth and her friends speculate, for example, that New York City’s word is achieve. It’s up to each of us to figure out our own word. The concept really resonated with me. I’d like a word.


I like to contemplate words for places I love. The North Country is hearth. It’s a safe and cozy-warm haven. It’s home. The Mediterranean is glow. There the sunlight is magical and moonlight mysterious and both delight me. The Adirondacks are balsam. I breathe deep as the scent seeps in … even windows closed, zooming down a two-lane road.

But I’ve never quite figured out my word.

My word is different from my name. I think of it as a hopeful extension. An inspiration. It helps to describe who I am becoming. The me I will be. Now I realize that I have been framing it too wide. I need to think in terms of this season.

The One Little Word course suggests that every January it’s time to reconsider your word. Thereafter, each month through the year, the curriculum challenges you to think reflectively and work creatively. In this way, you maintain focus on your word, making it real in your life. That’s powerful.

I’ve been hop-scotching my way along to One Little Word

I came upon the class through a new artist I am exploring — Kelly Rae Roberts. I saw some of Kelly Rae’s mixed media last fall. It caught my eye, I shared with a friend or two, but I had no idea who she was. Until I landed on her website, this weekend.

I came to Kelly Rae by way of exploring the work of Brené Brown. Through research, she has gleaned important insights to shame and vulnerability, courage and creativity, and living wholeheartedly. This is another series of posts just waiting to materialize!

These two women are friends. Kelly Rae created an artful version of Brené’s Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto. And Kelly Rae mentions that her word for 2013 is unleash, which has inspired her work.

So, back to the online class … One Little Word. I love that this is an online curriculum with a do-it-yourself, crafty component! I love that its only $36 for twelve months! I love anything that encourages me to be more reflective. I’m beginning to meditate on what my word might be for 2013.

And I’m seriously considering taking the class. Thinking about asking a few friends to join me. How ’bout you?

~René Morley

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