perfect christmas


To be in good company, in conversation with love. Tender moments treasuring a matriarch. Connecting with precious friends-like-family, near and far.

Fresh snow, served up with some sunshine. A blazing warm fireplace. Unpacking memories as we trim the tree. Classic carols and cartoons. Fun and favorite movies. Fresh perspective, singing a new song. (Or two. Or three!)

A snugly, cuddly baby. The sweet lilt of a young lad. Giggles of a little girl. Riding behind a horse, in a wagon. A million bright lights. Breathing deeply of evergreens, of balsam and cedar.

Gingerbread and cinnamon. Creamy eggnog. Dinner tables laden with delicious. Cooking for those I love. Being cooked for, too! Enjoying time with our chids. A house, full to the brim. Our cup runneth over.

Savoring established traditions. Starting new traditions. Piping hot pumpkin-flavored coffee when weariness sets in. Snail mail with updates and pictures. Sweet surprises.

A spicy glass of red paired with long distance chit-chat. Making a gift, late into the night. Giving a gift someone loves. Celebrating Good News of great joy!

Candlelight. At church. A big, bright moon and his man smiling down on me. Sparkling stars, scattered across the heavenlies. Quiet time. Time to think. To read. To be thankful.

It’s never perfect. It’s never twice the same. It’s a passing season but one of amazing grace — and such great hope! It’s always enough.

~René Morley

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