she reads truth

Another long night short on sleep. I am so glad for an abundance of reading materials at such times! The key is to read the good stuff, to try to fill my mind with uplifting and encouraging words.

Recent horrific events are just too much to take in. Twenty small children, so full of the promise of life, cut down by evil. Six selfless educators sacrificed for the innocent. My mind is swirling. Heart is aching. Small doses of reality are more than enough right now.

I focus on Advent readings, tapping into She Reads Truth. You need not be a she to appreciate these devotionals. They are well written and insightful; brief but substantive. They expound upon truths that run deep and transcend gender, time, and place. They are food for thought from the Bread of Life. Community commentary is a bonus, sometimes sparking good discussion or further reflection.

And when I woke in the wee hours of this morning, my mind was ringing with a familiar refrain. It is a song of hope for this season. It is a sacred truth.

God is with us. God is for us all.

I was immediately reminded to pray for those who need to know that He is … for those left behind, for those who are trying to make some sense of violence so senseless, for those who are barely afloat in the wake of disasters so devastating. For them, I pray peace. God’s presence. And His provision in the midst of unbearable pain. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


I love waking up with a song! This morning, it was Steven Curtis Chapman’s version of this refrain sing-ringing through my head. He beautifully encompasses the perspective of those who learned this truth first at the time of Jesus’ birth with I am Joseph (God Is With Us) from Joy (2012). Listen in…

I Am Joseph (God Is With Us)

~René Morley

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