This is it! The last triple-matched calendar date of the century! Gasp!

There’s been a mad rush to claim the date for wedding ceremonies and C-section deliveries. Many believe they can control destiny by aligning with the calendar. Amusing, perhaps; a bit sad, too. In the end, it’s much to do about nothing.

Winter’s chill has settled in here in the North Country. Cold usually means clear. Last night, it looked like God had tossed a gazillion diamonds across an inky black canvas. I was awestruck. There’s nothing like a stellar display to remind me that I am but a speck of dust.

Louie Giglio’s description of the vast universe is another good reminder. As Louie describes it, we live on a speck called Earth — 960,000 Earths would fit inside our Sun. And though our Sun is a massive star, it is just one of hundreds of billions of stars of the Milky Way galaxy — our cul de sac, so to speak, in our neighborhood of a mind boggling cosmos.

Correction: I am but a fragment of a speck of dust.

This morning I was happy to locate my dog-eared copy of The Day Christ Was Born and continue my Advent preparations. I also discovered an app tracking the Christmas story as it is read around the world. A star lights up every time someone accesses the scriptures. Captivating!

storytracker2 story-tracker1

What is it about the Christmas story that we’re still absorbed in it — all over the world — two millennia past? In a word, it’s hope. Hope!

Hope that Someone else has this figured out. Hope that Someone else is in control. Someone who is on scale with our mind-blowing universe. Someone we can trust with our measly bit of dust. Events recorded more than 2000 years ago are called the Good News because Someone showed up!

God is with us. God is for us — you and me, too. From the beginning, God gave us reason to hope and then, to celebrate. As I mentioned a few days ago, Sara and wee Toby Groves tell the story so well: It’s True, (O Holy Night, 2008). Listen in…

It’s True (featuring Toby Groves) (Album Version)

~René Morley

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