IMG_6369Tomorrow morning we embark on our 30th anniversary sail-a-bration. Just him and me and the big, blue sea.

I’m ready to unplug. To decompress. To step away from the concerns crowding in over past months. Thankfully, some have resolved. This is especially good timing, having settled the question of Career, Phase 3, just last week. Exciting! Exhausting. Bittersweet.

Mostly, I’m ready to celebrate us. Thirty years! Like the little engine that could, uphill and down, against all the odds, we’re chug-chugging along. Some might say we’re lucky. We know we’re blessed. But we get so caught up in the challenges of each season, sometimes we forget what we are about. This is our time.

This trip is all the Hubs’ planning, start to finish. (He’s the cruise connoisseur.) I asked him what he’s looking forward to the most. “Relaxing, with you.” It’s been many months since that last happened, together. Last March, if we want to be truthful about it.

Time to set sail.

~René Morley

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