advent conspiracy

Have you heard of the Advent Conspiracy? I hadn’t either but our church is participating this year. It’s a compelling argument to “turn Christmas upside down.” Have a look…

The basic premise of the Advent Conspiracy is give more — of your time and yourself — but spend less money on meaningless gifts. Our congregation has been challenged to donate some of what we would otherwise spend to help fund a fresh water supply project sponsored by Children’s Hope Chest in Ethiopia. Refreshing!

All conspiracies aside, I do love how the Advent season continually reminds us of an amazing event that occurred two millennia past. I love that for weeks on end the message rings out across the land — from Salvation Army bells to church steeples, on small stages with grade school actors and in professional productions, from clock towers of town squares to the big bands and big sounds of big cities. It’s still Good News of great joy!

Considering all of the events to come and go over 2,000 years, Jesus’ birth made an impact unlike anything else. Sara Groves has perfectly captured the essence it in her song, It’s True, (O Holy Night, 2008). It’s getting a lot of spins on my Christmas play list this year. Listen in…

It’s True (featuring Toby Groves) (Album Version)

On the track, wee Toby so sweetly helps tells of the good news.

“Suddenly a bright new star appeared … It blazed in the night and made the other stars look pale beside it. God put it there … to be like a spotlight … showing people the way to Him. You see God was like a new dad. He couldn’t keep the good news to himself. He’d been waiting all these long years for this moment and now he wanted to tell everyone.”

Scripture tells us that the Christmas star lit the way for wise men to worship the Savior. But I don’t think I’ve ever considered the Christmas star the way Toby describes it — an expression of overflowing exuberance by a pleased-as-punch Father-God who just couldn’t help himself from sharing the Good News. “Hey! Over here! My Son has arrived!” I love that imagery! And every time I hear It’s True, I find myself contemplating what I can do to shine more light from my life on Jesus this Advent season.

~René Morley

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