blessed glam-babe

Happy Thanks-giving! Today I am so thankful that I’m going to be a glam-mama! Yes, indeed. In January we will welcome our first grand-babe to the world. We are over-the-top excited. The expectant parents have decided to keep she-he-ness of the baby a surprise for all of us. So we don’t know which sort of glam-babe we’ll get, exactly.

Except, we sort of, kind of, do. The most recent ultrasound revealed a very familiar profile — at least as far as this glam-mama is concerned! Not that it matters one bit. We know that this wee one will bring all sorts of wonderful and welcome enhancements to our family. But it is awesome, through the marvels of modern technology, to see the knitting together occur almost in front of you.

Of course, I may be a bit biased. It’s possible. But this last picture elicited an immediate response from nearly everyone who knew the proud daddy way back when. It does seem this new babe will be an adorable likeness of him. At least, initially. As we all know, each becomes her or his very own person soon enough!

Blessings upon you, glam-babe o’ mine…

… Well, that was perhaps my most fun post yet! Now, back to making the world’s best stuffin’.Today is the first time in more than two decades that I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I’m good with that. Really good! But I do still need to show up, bring something, and help out. Didn’t I tell you the Hubs’ family schooled me well?

~René Morley

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