sunshiny tuesday


My windshield was glazed with a coat of ice this morning. I shouldn’t be surprised. Since mid-August we’ve been reminded by thousands of fly-overs, Canadian geese heading south, that cold weather is coming. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid thinking about it too much.

It was a beautiful North Country morning, as only autumn can produce. The leaves are not yet at their peak, I think. Our grand-maple is building to become a blazing torch, when a gazillion shades of orange leaves will flame into the sky. Just another reason to love orange!

I had just a few moments to spare, while the car warmed and before heading to the airport. It was quality time: just me, my grand-maple, and a few hundred honking geese rising and falling in the river mist. Brother Moon was a distant crescent spec as Sister Sun poked her head up with perfect timing, illuminating the landscape from treetops to pasture, closely cropped corn, hayfield and forest beyond.

I spun slowly in a 360 to take it in, embracing the chill, welcoming the sun to warm my face. A sweet start to the day, eh? And a great day to be alive!

~René Morley

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