angel eyes

One of the things I loved about Turkey* were the angel eyes — unique and artful variations of blue-on-white-on-blue ornaments that adorn just about everything. They are hung from windows and posts, woven into fabrics and intricate carpet designs, integrated into exquisite pottery, dangled from clothing, embedded in patios and walkways underfoot, and presented on tiny pins to patrons and visitors. Angel eyes are everywhere!

Some might conclude this is the height of superstition. Perhaps there is something to that — if you believe an ornament can ward off evil? I do not. To me they are welcome reminders of a powerful presence, a host of unseen guardians, created to serve us. I have no compunction about calling upon my heavenly helpers.

Scripture tells us that angels guard, protect, and minister to God’s people.** All too often, it seems, I don’t know how to pray for someone experiencing unbearable pain, deep distress, or imminent danger. But I do know to pray for God’s mighty angels to surround on every side, to minister peace and healing, to protect.

I’d love to discover an ability to look back through a portal in time to see the heavenly host in action. In those very moments when disaster was averted or peace reined supreme, when … my girlfriend and I hid in a ditch; my young son ran off onto perilously thin ice; my daughter was slipping out of our grip far above the amusement park pavement; my youngest son was overcome with croup, laboring to breathe; my husband inhaled deadly gas; my children and I were centimeters from a high-speed collision; my father passed over … they were there, wings outstretched. I can’t prove it but I know it. Indeed, faith requires willingness to make that leap, to find evidence in things unseen.(Hebrews 11:1)

I purchased a large angel eye in Turkey. It hangs in my kitchen window and catches the morning light just right. I love this bright blue reminder of a beautiful blessing and God’s provision in a heavenly array, dispatched at his command. My angel eye is a daily reminder to pray for those who need assistance. It’s also a reminder to say, “thank you” for guardian angels — mine and yours.

~René Morley

**Psalm 34:7 & 91:1; Hebrews 1:14

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*Our brief visit to Turkey was infinitely more interesting in the company of a private guide, Bulent, through Sea Song Tours. An archaeologist who worked in his early career at Ephesus, his insider’s perspective and expertise, along with deep pride in his beautiful country, made a world of difference in our experience.

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