long way home

I awoke the final day of our Big. Trip. with a raw, sore throat, feeling miserable. I knew it was going to be a long day. That was before we departed Civitivecchia for an 1.25-hour long bus ride. Before we were introduced to the madhouse of FCO (Leonardo Di Vinci/Fumicino) on a cruise day. And before we stood an hour to check in at an incredibly inefficient Air Canada desk. We had three hours ’til boarding and needed nearly every minute.

It was (a long day) before we were delayed thirty minutes in boarding due to cumbersome shuttle process. By all appearances, FCO lacks gates; dozens of jumbo jets are parked mid-tarmac. And it was (a long day) before we were delayed yet another hour while the maintenance crew determined the fuel pump would function and we could fly. And then we had only nine hours in flight ahead.

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I found some relief in Golia sweets and lozenges ‘Chelle nabbed at the airport to help lubricate my throat. I was just so thankful we were headed home. I guess that means it’s time for our Big. Trip. to end!

Thanks to FCO shenanigans, we missed our connection in Montreal and were rebooked on a later flight. I hope our luggage made it.* Meanwhile, our misters were waiting for us when we touched down in North America, driving the considerable extra distance to pick us up and avoid further delay. It is the sweetest arrival when someone you love is there, looking for you. I’m only sorry I was in so much misery that I couldn’t fully appreciate it. I’m sure they saved us another couple of hours in what had become a very long day.

Even so, it was well into the wee hours (Rome time) before I closed my eyes for a fitful night. But we made it! Almost. Now, about that luggage …*

~René Morley

*Props to Air Canada. Because they lost our luggage — all of it — but then found it — fortunately — they will also deliver it! As soon as they identify a bonded agent to deliver in the States… Hmmm. I can hardly believe that Air Canada lost my daughter’s, my own and my sister’s luggage in one trip! And my sister’s x 2, yes, twice, in-bound and out-bound!

4 thoughts on “long way home”

  1. Sorry to hear about your sore throat; but happy to hear you are close to putting your feet on US soil, soon. Have thought about you and yours during this very exciting adventure and am looking forward to a good ‘ole 1 to 1 with you, my dear friend. So, catch your figurative breath, rest and don’t let your ailments get any worse….then give me a shout so we can process this wild and crazy summer of 2012.

    Blessings and love to you,

  2. As I read your story from your trip how I wish I was with you. I love the way you tell your story and how honest you are with your words. Love the pix as always…and love you….again thanks for sharing and I do hope you are rested and we can soon Skype? Love you dear one……….

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