my space

There are a million things I could be doing and a hundred things I should be doing … a few hours away from launching The. Big. Trip. But what I am doing is enjoying quiet time on the back patio.  This project has been a long time coming and it’s a bit rough around the edges yet. But I can’t imagine a better start to the day.

I love the sound of water hitting the rocks and the expanse of gray-blue sky and green-green grass and trees stretching beyond. I’m so glad our grand-maple remains on guard. His leaves are broad, mid-summer. A handful of geese flying overhead remind me: how short this season.

I breathe deeply, enjoying the smell of fresh cedar strapped floor to ceiling of my new potting shed. It’s almost a little cabin. In a light-bulb moment yesterday I realized it’s my “garage” — my workspace, where I’ll organize just so. I’ll enjoy thinking of my Dad as I make it my own. Yes, I guess it’s true. I am my father’s child.

I’ve time for another cup of coffee, a few more moments of solitude. Life moves too quickly, and more so each year. I’m embracing the here, the humble North Country. I’m thankful for the now, this season, and my small space in between two brackets of time. Thank you for joining me there. What more could I want? Happy birthday to me!

noname noname-2 noname-4

~René Morley

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