Once I got over the strain of more than two hours in a rickety old puddle jumper, courtesy of Cape Air…

Whereby we landed and deplaned midpoint to refuel. Then boarded and, summarily, deplaned again. Explanation: steering problems. Can’t turn left! Plane inspection ensued. Then she-pilot spun ‘er around on the tarmac. A-okay. Hmmm. The parking brake musta’ stuck? Passengers reboarded. Away we go.

… Boston was the beans. Dipped into a great leadership program — inspiring! Made a few new friends — refreshing! Met up with a high school girlfriend — sweetness!

I’d walked by the Hancock Tower at least three times before I finally knew it was there — thanks to Deb. (A good reminder, per Frye: Chin up.) And then, it was everywhere. Everywhere!

Enjoyed lobster roll, twice. Local brew. And Boston Creme Pie. Slipped into historic Trinity Church for a hushed and holy moment. Explored the incredible Boston Commons Library — an art museum, too. Who knew?

It has been twenty-five years since I visited Bean Town. Too long. Too long! Next time: Duck Tour. :=)

~René Morley

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