better together


This evening a papa goose brought me to a screeching halt. He was standing guard on one side of the road, stretching his neck and trying to look tough, while mama and the babies attempted to cross. Once I stopped, six or seven fat, fluffy little fannies scuttled as fast as webbed feet would carry. It was quite a delightful sight. They hit the pond on the other side in one big swoosh, beak to backside. Huddled closely for safety, they sailed off toward the setting sun.

It was quite timely, this feathered interruption. I’ve been musing on family matters lately. It’s messy business, working things out over the years. Siblings and cousins, parents and partners; all have to be willing. Sometimes they are not. All you can do is all you can do.

But the geese reminded me of another family-ism, one that the Hubs tried hard to drive deep in our chids’ psyches: this is as good as it gets. Nobody out there will love you the way we do in here. You can count on it.

Be thankful. Be gracious. Be glad somebody has your back. As the family gets bigger, it should only get better.

~René Morley

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