those birds!

Those birds! are up before the sun,
Chattering to anyone
Who lends half an ear to hear
Good-morning songs of springtime cheer.

I need sleep more than a song;
Pull the covers, but it’s not long
Before Sun arrives — flooding bed and floor.
She’s not quite so easily ignored.

Those birds! are not offended, no;
They whistle and tweet and call their show.
Now looking for mates, soon making their nests,
Then eggs and babies — the last is the best.

Except that such a hungry brood
Keeps mama and papa frantic for food.
Those birds! make poor neighbors if you sleep light
But I love the racket of young family life!

~René Morley


A beautiful Gouldian Finch as seen at Bird Kingdom, a Niagara Falls aviary. My birds are neither as colorful nor as easily posed but oh, how they sing!

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